The Holy Rosary Catholic Parish In Kensington

Faith Reflection

Yvette Oswald, March 2015


I have started writing this a number of times and keep getting caught up in high sentiment. The fact is, my faith is of the practical sort: it gives meaning to all I do. It inspires, encourages, comforts and bemuses me. It is a channel for my gratitude, my pain, my wonder and my frustration. It makes me reflect - and get active, it energises me and exhausts me, it makes me grateful and it demands more; it polarises me and brings me closer to others; it is the lens through which I see beauty and struggle in the world; it allows me to see the similarities in my fellow human beings rather than the differences. It lifts me out of my own small circumstance, but adjures me to be present in every moment. It has led me into great arguments and has allowed me profound peace in the midst of my pain. It is a gift I have not always appreciated and a constant companion I have sometimes ignored. Going to mass allows me to feel a part of something vital and essential, a sense of belonging and connection I have felt in churches all over the world. I want this for my children.

Nature or nurture? I am not sure if I was born with faith. It has been gifted to me by the people around me: my parents, my partner, my children, people of Holy Rosary parish and other communities I have been a part of in my life. I have seen people go through periods of uncertainty and questioning and then watched as they have met the challenge through the comfort they have found in those around them. This for me is the power of God in action. This is the source of my faith.


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