The Holy Rosary Catholic Parish In Kensington




Baptisms are celebrated  on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month at 12pm.  Families are invited to present children to the community at the Welcome Mass held the first Sunday of each month. If you live outside of the boundaries of Holy Rosary Parish, you are required to make contact with your local Parish.

To book a Baptism, please contact the Parish Office.

Baptism Preparation Classes:

Baptism Preparation Sessions occur monthly on the 2nd Saturday at 10am.

Mass Attendance:

Baptism is the beginning of the faith development of your child.  Practical example and support of parents is important. If you are not attending Mass regularly, the Baptism of your child is perfect opportunity for you to re-assess the value of the Catholic faith for you personally, and what you will be offering your child for their faith growth.


The Godparents' role is to support the child in the development of the Catholic faith. Therefore, one Godparent must be a Catholic who has been confirmed. It is desirable and appropriate that Catholic Godparents be people who attend Mass regularly. All Godparents should be baptised in a Christian denomination. The child needs one, preferably two, Godparents.


Requirements for marriage

Previous marriage

If either party has been through a previous marriage, whether in a civil or religious form, no matter where or when, this is to be discussed with a priest prior to making a firm booking.


The following documents are required for both parties;

Birth Certificate - If not in English to be translated and certified

Baptism Certificate

Copy of Passport

Copy of Drivers Licence

Copy of Marriage Preparation Certificate

If already civilly married; - copy of Marriage Certificate

If previously married; - copy of Annulment &/or Divorce

A Permission/Letter of Freedom is required for Catholics not living within the parish of Holy Rosary Kensington.  For the bride, a Permission for Marriage is required and for the groom a Freedom to Marry.  These  can be obtained from the parish where you are now residing.

Wedding Ceremony

The celebration of marriage may take place either within Mass or outside of mass.  This is to be discussed with the priest conduction the ceremony.  Your officiating priest will discuss with you the order of service and the various reading and prayers couples can select.


It is essential that music chosen for the ceremony is either of a sacred or classical nature and appropriate for the occasion.


  • Mrs Angela Grasso 0412090858; 9375 4723 organist and singer
  • Ms Teresa Barillaro 93382426
  • Mrs Rosanna Camenzuli 93908618
  • Mr Enrico Costantini organist , singer and guitarist  93871703; 0417398918


The couple is responsible for the floral decoration of the church.  It is possible to use the church vases.


Couples are welcome to use the ribbons or seat bows of the parish.

Photography and video

Please ensure that photography and video taken during the ceremony is not intrusive and respects the sacred nature of the church.


Confetti is not permitted inside the church or in the gathering space at the entrance.  Please ensure confetti and rose petals are used only on the footpath area.

Final arrangements

The cost to use Holy Rosary Church is $1300.  This includes the $100 booking fee.

If you are bringing your own priest the cost is $900.  This includes the $100 booking fee.

The $100 booking fee is non-refundable.  A booking is only confirmed once the fee is paid and the booking form is returned to the Parish Office.  Please take note of this requirement.

Final payment is to be made one month prior to the wedding.

Cancellation of Bookings

Please contact the Parish Office in writing (post/fx/email) if you wish to cancel your booking.  This is a courtesy for other couples who wish to use the church.


To proceed in booking your wedding please contact the Parish Office to check availability and request a copy of the booking sheet.





If you require assistance in preparing your church paperwork for an overseas wedding please contact the parish office.

From the 1st June 2017 a fee of $400.00 applies. If you contribute to the Parish Support Program PSP, a donation will suffice.

PLEASE NOTE: This is only available to residents living in the boundaries of Holy Rosary Parish, Kensington.




This is a journey for children school age, not attending our Parish School, for the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation.

2nd Parent’s Information night

Parents are warmly invited to attend an information night to support you and your child in the preparation of the Sacraments of Baptism, Reconciliation and First Holy Communion.

This is an important session for parents and sponsors to be held in St Brendan’s church Wednesday 18th July 2018 at 7.00pm. It is an expectation that one or both parents if possible, attend this information evening. Fr Hien will guide parents to talk to their child about the Sacraments.


The Sacraments Classes

(7 weeks in total) at 4:00pm for one hour in the Parish office on Wednesday’s, beginning 5th September 2018.


For further information about the 2018 RCIC Program or to confirm your attendance at the Information evening please contact Sharon Kane at [email protected]


PLEASE NOTE: If you attended the February Information Evening there is no need to attend this one.





2018 RCIA – The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults


If you have been thinking about becoming Catholic or have questions about taking the next step or to deepen your spirituality we are here to help – Welcome!


Parish RCIA journey begins in OCTOBER (2018) and concludes after Easter (2019). RCIA is an integral part of the life of the Church and normal way of preparing adults for the sacraments of initiation. This journey of faith and discovery is never walked alone, but always in unity with the whole parish community.


The Journey –


For This Year, we are going to meet on Thursday Nights from 7pm (for approx. 1 ½ hours)


  • PLEASE NOTE: the first two sessions will be held on a Tuesday.


Meeting Place - in the Parish office of St Brendan.


First Session Tuesday    23 October 2018




For further information or an application form, please contact Sharon Kane on 9412 8495 or email [email protected]




Please only apply if you live in the Parsh of St Brendan's or Holy Rosary. For those who live outside the boundary of these parishes, we recommend that you contact your local parish.